Sunday, 14 November 2010

14th November 2010 - 1

11:45 I pour myself a St. Bernardus Prior. I don't usually drink this early on a Sunday. Normally, I wait until after miday. I've a good reason for an early start: the bloody kids.

Random violence. The scotch bonnet pepper of family life.

As usual, they're arguing over some stupid computer game. Not just arguing. Screaming, shouting, stamping, scratching, kicking, gouging and throwing. I forgot the slamming. Lots of doors slamming. If it was up to me,  it would be their heads getting slammed together. But you aren't allowed to hit your kids any more. Typical that I become a parent when the few bits of fun have been stripped from it.

11:56 I take advantage of a momentary suspension of hostilities to quickly OCR part og an article on artificial carbonation from the Journal of the Institute of Brewing. Part of some project or other. Can't remember which one. Just too many of them.

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