Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Buy Alexei vodka!

I thought that would be a fun heading for my digital begging bowl. You know, the thing to the left of the post text. Not noticed it? It looks like this:

"Buy Alexei vodka!" I hoped it would bring up happy associations with one of my favourite family-outing posts.

Given the response so far, it didn't. Or you don't want to buy alcohol for a minor. Or you just don't want to encourage me. Can't say I blame you. On either count.

We're agreed "Buy Alexei vodka!" is crap. What do you reckon would be a better? Buy Ron beer. Buy me beer. Buy me beer, you bastard. Buy my silence. Buy my kids shoes. Buy my kids' shoes. Buy my kids.

I'm useless at this stuff. Do you have any suggestions?


Barm said...

You could try "Buy Alexei a gun!" and see how that goes down.

Ron Pattinson said...

Barm, he'd love that.

Gary Gillman said...

I know a brand of vodka shaped like a rifle ... Give it to him empty and then it's win-win. :)


dave said...

This post is a bit old but I'll just throw in my two cents... the thing with the "digital begging bowl" is a) I read most of the posts through an RSS reader (google reader specifically) and there is no "digital begging bowl" link (text or graphical) at the end of the RSS posts. b) when I do go to the site, mostly to leave a comment, the "digital begging bowl" link is so far down the page that unless it is a heavily commented post, thus the "post a comment" link is far down the page, I almost never scroll past it.

And for some reason PayPal is giving me an error when I try to submit a donation (that is probably my browser setup though).