Thursday, 13 August 2009

Scottish Brewing Archive

Very friendly and very helpful. The staff at the Scottish Brewing Archive. Made my visit a pleasure.

A quick update for those desperate to know more about Scottish brewing practices. I took 1,140 photos in the archive. Not bragging, just explaining why I haven't looked at most properly. A couple of things I happened to notice:

1. Some Scottish measures were still in use in the early 1800's.
2. Brews were logged a in completely different way.
3. There were some crazy strong beers.
4. Hopping . . . . . Just started looking at that. No conclusions so far. But . . . . . there were some heavily-hopped beers. 1858 Younger's XXPS had more than four pounds a barrel.
5. Some pre-WW I beers were surprisingly weak.

I''ll keep you updated. Those that are still awake.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Ron!

Great stuff as usual, hope to have some news soon about these archives! Fact like: do they really used roasted barley as a common ingredient, fermentation temperatures, O.G, F.G...