Thursday, 13 August 2009

Photo contest result!

Time to announce the winner of my photo contest.

Adeptus, despite having spotted a way to cheat, still took three goes to get the correct answer of

1.Roter Ochs
3.Gaststätte Bräustübl

But, as he was still the first with the right answer, I suppose the prize should go to him.

Others with the correct answer were Tandleman First Stater, Sebastian S, Jim Johanssen and Mark Andersen.

Adeptus, get in touch via the email on my website:


Barry (Adeptus) said...

Yay! :D

At least I told everyone else how to cheat, I mean work the system, and gave a fair chance by getting my initial answer wrong on purpose... *cough*

Mark Andersen said...

I got hosed!!!

For crying out loud Barry gets three tries to get it right even though he had the file names of the photos!?!?!

I hope you don't plan on running the Beer History Certification Program with such loose standards.

Oh well, I guess I'll stop being such a poor sport now. Congratulations Barry! .... you cheating bastard!!

Barry (Adeptus) said...


If only you had gotten in there between my fumbled attempts! :D

Mark Andersen said...

Barry I've come to the conclusion that you deserve to win since to be honest if you had not discovered the secret of the file names I would have had no chance anyhow.

But a little while ago I was angry and felt cheated. I was prepared to demand justice from Mr. Pattinson and threaten to join the Army for Proper Keg and seek vengeance.

But then I realized I'm not some lonely, west coast twat living in his mom's basement and therefore a cooler head has prevailed.

Barry (Adeptus) said...

Thank you, Mark. I shall sleep better tonight knowing I don't have that on my conscience! Well, that and a few bevvies... :D

First Stater said...

Obviously spelling did not count as the umlauts are missing from all entries entered before mine. So are they truely correct?

I suggest for the next contest you have the list of stouts sorted by OG with ties being determined by year and further ties being settled by attenuation. Whoever wins that contest has earned their prize.