Friday, 7 August 2009

The early days of Budweiser

No, not the American imposter. The Czech one. Well, one of the Czech ones.

As part of my random-statistics-I've-just-noticed-in-a-new-book series, here are ouput figures for (I think, I haven't really had time to read the chapter properly) Budweiser Bürgerbräu from the 1890's.

Why am I publishing them? No particular reason. Except perhaps that it shows the Czech love of relatively weak lagers. What's listed as Schankbier would be 10º. Lagerbier would 12º. (What some insist on calling "Bohemian Pilsner", despite that term being unknown in Bohemia.) Less than a quarter of the brewery's output was the stronger stuff.

Thanks to Velky Al and Evan Rail for getting scans of the book to me. I'm sure it will come in dead handy for my book on the history of central European Lager. "Aren't you writing a book on British beer?" Yes, I am. The Lager one will come after that. If I ever get it finished. (I currently have 155,000 words or nearly 400 pages.)

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Lager Bore said...

Ha! I thought the title of this entry was "The Secret of Forex Riches". I lost interest when I found out it was about beer. Crazy interweb advertising!