Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Dolores picked me up a box of three Schorschbräu beers last time she was in Hessen visiting her sister.

She rang me up from the supermarket to ask if I wanted them.

"Of course."

"They're really expensive, you know." Dolores has a different concept of what constitutes expensive. Especially when it comes to beer. A German concept.

This isn't going to be what you think. I told you I don't do that beer description thing, where I step you through my tasting notes one adjective at a time. Mostly because I'm too lazy to take notes nowadays. And I don't want to analyse away all my drinking pleasure. On top of that, well . . . I'll explain in a minute.

"Hi Mike. Do you want a beer?"

"Sure. The day has a 'Y' in it, doesn't it?"

"Do you fancy one of these German things?"

[The sound of a flip top being popped, then the happy gurgling of beer tumbling into a glass.]

"What do you think, Mike?"

"It's OK."

Oberasbach 16a,
91710 Gunzenhausen
Tel: 09831 1868


Laurent Mousson said...

Expensive as in 3.50 Euros, maybe 4 isn't it ? Indeed, very expensive to german standards.

mentaldental said...

In my homebrew club the ultimate accolade for any beer seems to be "nice". That's a proper beer description.

Ron Pattinson said...

Laurent, I think Dolores paid 10 euros for a pack of three 33cl bottles. Hideously expensive for Germany.

Laurent Mousson said...

Indeed. I seem to remember seeing the 16% Schorschbock in a 50 cl stoneware swingtop bottle, with wooden case, reatiling a 9.99 Euros last time I spotted it in Konstanz. Eeeek. :o>

Matt said...

Speaking of expensive beers, I just splurged on a bottle of SSS here in Iowa.

As I was scanning the shelves I saw the beauty and mumbled, "a Patto".
The stocker perked up and asked if I was a Ron Pattinson disciple. I said I wouldn't go that far but he has turned me on to brewing sugar and old Fullers beers. The stocker then informed me that I was the second person to say "Patto" when I saw a bottle of SSS.

He concluded by launching into a monologue on German/Austrian beers that I gather was in some way related to your blog. I lost the plot relatively quickly but nodded in agreement as I politely backed out of the room.

Oh it was bottle #83.

Ron Pattinson said...

Matt, sounds like a scary experience.

I've always found the SSS to be very reasonably priced. For me, at least.