Sunday, 9 May 2010


Yes. Finally. I've finished transcribing details from the Whitbread Gravity Book. The second volume. I'm still struggling my way through volume 1.

I'm so proud. My beer details table now has 10,486 entries. And my beer details table plus has 2,500 more. Onwards to 15,000.

Research nearly done, I should be ready to start my next project soon. Just as soon as I finalise a few little details. Like what the hell the subject will be. I've narrowed it down to just three or four possibilities. I had considered a poll. But I hate being told what to do. Or even being given friendly advice.

In case you're wondering, the label is there for a reason. The last beers I extracted from the Whitbread Gravity Book were from Simonds. This was the very last: Simonds Milk Stout.

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