Friday, 14 May 2010

A Fullers parti-gyle from 1968

Still not finished kicking the unconscious body of party-gyling. I'm a vicious bastard.

Here's an example from Fuller's. A brew from Wednesday 10th July 1968. Take a look:

You probably want a word of explanation, don't you?

There are five different worts being assembled, though two are the same beer. GP = Golden Pride, ELP = Export London Pride, LP = London Pride, and PA = ordinary Bitter.

Two worts and a hop sparge were blended.The first wort had an OG of 33.6 brewers pounds (1093.1) the second 5.8 brewers pounds (1016.1).

These were the OG's of the different beers:

Golden Pride 1090
Export London Pride 1045.6
London Pride1043.2
Bitter 1036.6


Gerard said...

I've been following the pary-gyle posts pretty closely; for some reason, this one really clicked with me; maybe its just cleaner/easier to understand. Thanks for keeping it up :)

Ed said...

Is that two lots of London Pride?

Ron Pattinson said...

Ed, yes. Two different fermenters worth.