Friday, 28 May 2010

Mackeson adverts

When I visit the archives there are always a few minutes to fill before the first batch of documents appears. I use them to search their paper catalogues.

I'm always well-prepared, because my time is so short. And every minute I save is one extra minute in the Gunmakers. So I have a whole wodge of request forms already filled in. But, because life would be bland dish without the spice novelty, I fill in one set there. For non-brewing records of some sort.

I'd never looked at anything in the Whitbread archive other than brewing logs. There are so many, I still haven't got anywhere near through the lot. A right bunch of hoarders, Whitbread. Their archive is huge. Including such things as newspaper clippings of their newspaper ads. I picked the book with ads from more exotic countries.

Like the Philippines.

Funny. I always thought of Mackeson as a drink for grannies. Not fit young women.


jonbrazie said...

Does this mean that milk stout could be a replacement for milk? I'm pretty sure milk is good for "health and extra energy". I'm gonna start eating my cereal with milk stout. Forget cows.

Barm said...

Obviously, the grannies were fit young women when they started drinking it.