Saturday, 8 May 2010

I drank Heineken last night

It seemed appropriate. It was Dolores's birthday and I took her out for a curry. I'm the perfect husband. Dolores even got a card this year. And I paid the kids to buy her a present. If that doesn't make a perfect husband, I don't know what would. (Don't suggest that I iron my own shirts.  Or wash my own clothes. That's the job of the shirt fairies.)

The curry house is on Marie Heineken-plein. A new square blasted out of the back of the Heineken brewery after it closed. I reckon we sat right where the lagerkellers used to be. Drinking Heienken was therefore highly appropriate. And they had nothing better.

You know what? I'd rather drink Heineken than nothing.

What a confession.


Bailey said...

I've not formed a solid few on Heineken, but I'd certainly rather drink:

1. Cobra than water
2. water than Tsingtao
3. Greene King IPA than Fosters
4. Hoegaarden than Greene King IPA.

Martyn Cornell said...

An interesting game. OK, I'd rather drink

1. water than John Smiths Extra Smooth
2. Canned Guinness than water
3. Mythos than Heineken
4. Peroni than cheap wine

Gary Gillman said...

I'd rather drink:

1. Tsingtao if very fresh than Heineken

2. Water than any nitro-dispense beer except draft Guinness

3. Guinness Special Export than draft Guinness

4. Sinebrychoff unfiltered draft Porter than any other porter.