Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mild month again

Oh dear. We're already half way through March and I've not mentioned Mild yet. What is wrong with me. Mild is March month.

I still obsess about Mild, despite drinking it only once a decade. Later this week I'll have a rare opportunity to knock some back. Bottles of Pretty Things 1832 Mild will be delivered on Wednesday. A full-strength Imperial Mild, originally brewed by Truman. Right down my street, what with its 10% plus ABV.

This is also a great opportunity for me to plug my book "Mild!". Easily the best book ever written about Mild Ale. Mostly because I can only think of one other. "Mild!" tells you everything you could ever need to know about Mild. And a whole load more. Then more after that.

Want to expose that arrogant know-it-all in the pub? Well bugger off, because that's probably me. But if you want to know enough to think you can impress a geek in a T-shirt, "Mild!"is the book for you. Unless you're not interested in beer history. In which case, why the hell are you reading this dull blog?


John Clarke said...


Is this another Pattinson-De Molen collaboration brew (as the geeks would put it)?

Ron Pattinson said...

John, no, this is with Pretty Things, Dann Paquette's brewery.

Mark Oregonensis said...

Oh my, the 1832 Truman XXXX. I now officially wish I lived on the East Coast once more.

Did Mr. Paquette parti-gyle this one with an X, like the original?

Ron Pattinson said...

Mark, no, he just brewed the XXXX.

Tim said...

Ron, I'm putting down a bottle of the Mild right now. It's a lovely beer for sure. What strikes me is how hoppy it is yet so different from the aggressive hoppiness of West Coast beers. I account for this by the use of of Kent Goldings versus super high alpha varieties.

I noticed that the label does not explicitly mention Truman, I presume because the name is now owned by a mega-corporation with a pack of ravenous hyenas* should any rights be infringed upon. What company is that?


Steve Peter said...

Wait a second. On page 9 of the book, you say May is Mild month. Now, you're saying Mild is March month. Aside from the word order issues, what gives? (Just some mild ribbing :-) I'm on a mild kick now, so I will order forthwith.