Saturday, 6 March 2010

I am a vampire

"Ron that the vampire dude?


jonbrazie said...

It is, right?

JessKidden said...

Ha! Wondered if you saw that post. Hope you liked my reply.

I suppose it's inevitable, as well as being one of the lowest forms of "humor" (along with the "song parody"- both of which, not coincidentally, are favorites of "morning zoo" type disc jockeys in the US).

My "real" name is also the last name of a somewhat well known actor, as well the full name of both a Canadian singer-songwriter and an author of books on a well-known fraternal group which figures in many conspiracy theories (the latter two, known only after the traditional "Googling one's self"). So I'm happy I'm "jesskidden" on the 'net (tho' not the only one IIRC) - it also help when filling out job applications- the boss can't "Google" my beer fetish.

Beer author Michael Jackson, of course, had a similar problem and I'm still shocked when the "beer newbies" make the lame joke.

Still, I feel more sorry for any "Ronald McDonald's" or "Ben Laden's" out there...

Ron Pattinson said...

JessKidden, your reply was excellent.

It confuses my kids that there's a movie star with the same surname as them. Living in Holland, they've never known anyone with the name apart from immediate family members.

What's scarier for me is that there's a murderer called Ronald Pattinson with the same place of birth as me. Luckily he is almost 40 years younger.40

Kristen England said...

My buddy was searching for this blog

Kristen England and Ron Pattinson.

Pulls up a million pages on kristen steward and the younger and twattier ron pattinson.

At least you are famous now for not having a soul! :)

Tim said...

I can join in this game. I share a name with a disgraced pornography critic. Thankfully, he seems to have dropped off the google search since the revelation of his cocaine habit.

Leigh said...

priceless, priceless...!