Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Barclay Perkins primings in 1928

I've been spending a lot of time poring over Barclay Perkins' brewing records. They're incredibly packed with information. If you have a bit of patience.

I'd already worked out that "sweet" = primings. A log for DB, their Brown Ale, from 1928 has added more detail. You can see it in the image to the right:

"Sweet 2 glns (gallons) per brl (barrel) Mineral Water Sugar @ 1150 coloured to 1680"

As we've already learned, 1150 was a typical gravity for primings. But this usefully also tells us the colour: 1680. So the primings weren't just adding sugar to help secondary conditioning in the cask, but colour, too.

My apologies if this post has been obscure to the point of total dullness. It probably won't get any better tomorrow.

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