Saturday, 28 August 2010


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I'd hoped everyone wanted peace. But the sales of "Peace!" have been disappointing. Not sure what that says about human nature.

It got me thinking. Bit of a slim volume. Just 106 pages. Only two appendices. And nowhere near enough enormous tables of numbers. What was I thinking of? My next beer, most likely.

How could I improve it? Add an index, for a start. I hate books that don't have one. Home brewers. They like recipes. OK, add forty-something recipes. Should be a great book.

But, hang on. That's not enough. What else can I offer?

I know. Stuff from my new mega-table. With full details of grists and hopping rates. Pretty groovy stuff. Great idea. I've every year of Whitbread's Porters and Stouts from 1919 to 1939. I'll stick those in. With a few others because, well, I'm the generous type.

The partly-new "Peace!" is now available from all good bookstores. More than 80 extra pages! An index! Two new appendices! Buy several copies now.

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