Thursday, 26 August 2010


I am.

But interactive.

BGBW awards. Select six of my posts. Travel-themed.

Best set of six wins a copy of "Bitter!" and "Strong!".


Thomas Barnes said...

Do they have to be from the last year?

Ron Pattinson said...

Thomas, anything posted from September 2009 until the present.

Mark T said...

I don't think these URLs will come out;
I laughed out loud at this one - the tension was palpable!

The next two reminded me of my own family holidays

I couldn't find the exact one I wanted, where you said the secret of parenting was inconsistency.

I was there two days ago. The brewery tour was conducted by a Miss CR look-alike!

I'm tapping out this comment in our room at the Maly Pivovar, we're moving on to Prague today.

Cheers, Mark and Sarah

StuartP said...

Can't be arsed to find six, but here's one for you:
Sat 18th Aug 2007 - 'Epiphany'

Oh bugger, from Sept 2009 onwards.
Can't you just re-post this one?