Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Brauereischänke am Markt

Nice spot on the market. We're sitting outside, waiting for the 2nd half to start.

Mike says "It'll be nice on this square when construction is finished." Can't argue with that.

We order an Aktien Zwick'l each.

"Between 4 and 7 times better than the last beer." Mike remarks.

"Is it pulling into good station?"

"No, it's been diverted into a siding."

He's so fussy. I'm just happy to be sitting with a glass of something drinkable and alcoholic in my hand.

I nip inside to take some photos for my Bayreuth Pub Guide. I was right in my description. It is in that folksy kitsch style so beloved in Bavaria. I'm not so sure about it, myself.

Mike doesn't want to stay for a second. I have to put on my thinking head. I usually carry it with me in case I need it.

"What about one of the pubs close to the station?" We'd walked past a whole row of boozers on the way to our hotel. "We're bound to find somewhere decent to drink up there."

Mike agrees in a particularly unenthusiastic way and off we head.

Maisels Bierstube 16:45

We sit outside. For two reasons: there's a huge telly showing the footy; they allow smoking inside.

Mike's been doing some top-class complaining about the beer possibilities. As usual. All Aktien beers: Pils, Original or Landbier. He's lumbered himself with a dodgy Pils. Ha, ha, ha.

Aktien Original: tastes like the Zwick'l. Without the zwickliness.

"Why is Newark such a special place?" I don't expect Mike to answer. He's never been to Newark. Well, not the one I mean. I answer for him. "Because they'll shout radgeback or sheepshagger at you in the street."

Mike likes his beer so much he wants to pour it on an innocent plant.

"At least pour it on the tree, Mike. That'll have more chance of surviving."

Being cruel, I'm not letting Mike move on. I order another beer.

Aktien Landbier (bottled): odd whiff of vinegar.

Two - one to Greece. 4 - 0 Bayreuth beer against Mike.

I buy Mike an Obstler to disinfect his gob from the dodgy Pils.

The Weihenstephaner pub is next door. Surely he can't complain about their beer? He probably wouldn't. But he doesn't get the chance, as it's closed. That improves his mood no end.

Will we ever find a beer in this town that's up to Mike's exacted standards? Find out in the next installment.

Brauereischänke am Markt
Maximilianstr. 56,
95444 Bayreuth.
Tel: 0921 - 64919

Maisels Bierstube
Bahnhofstr. 3,
95444 Bayreuth.
Tel: 0921 - 3449551


Anonymous said...

Random question. Are the old books of Journal of the Institute of Brewing digitized? I've enjoyed reading your posts about them and having a hard time finding old volumes.

Ron Pattinson said...

Not many.