Sunday, 1 August 2010


Hösl Bräu Brauerei Gaststätte 17:08

Cool. We've left the Zoiglstube and come to a brewery tap. And the brewery is right behind me. Cool, cool, cool.

Hösl Bräu Dunkles: beer, good, beer good, full, ness. It has that Dunkles taste I've never been able to pin down better than "nutty".

Mike is having trouble working up any enthusiasm for the brewery tap. The Zoiglstube has all awed him out. He's in a state of shock. Bit like going to Florence, I guess. I'm still in beer fan mode, snapping photos of the brewery and pub.

On the way to the bus stop, I notice a shop with a couple of Zoigl products. Beer and schnapps. I can't resist. Call it an impulse. The beer, it turns out, isn't a genuine Zoigl. Just a Kellerbier from Brauerei Würth in Windischeschenbach. (It was still pretty good.)

Our bus is a coach this time. Or dog coach. An unmatched trio of dogs are running loose. Clearly they belong to the driver. None of the other passengers seems concerned. To me, it looks like the smallest dog could easily get trapped under the brake pedal. It's sitting very close. Now wouldn't that be a weird way to die? Killed by dog.

The bus stops virtually outside our hotel.

We dine at the hotel. I saw enough of Wiesau earlier. The beer and food are fine. But it all seems a bit flat after the Zoiglstube. I guess life's going to be all downhill from here on.

Hösl & Co Brauhaus
Bahnhofstr. 1,
95666 Mitterteich.
Tel.: 09633 - 92220
Fax: 09633 - 922222


Matt said...

"It has that Dunkles taste I've never been able to pin down better than "nutty"."

On my first trip to Munich last month, my favourite Dunkles was Löwenbräu, partly because of a 'coffee-creamish' taste that reminded me of those eclair toffees you get in boxes of chocolates at Christmas which I haven't had for years - very Proustian!

Elektrolurch said...

Lol, take-away real zoigl works different;)
You can often have your zoigl filled in 1,5l plastic water bottles. perfect when you went zoigling!
Btw, i think the Hösl Dunkles is called,,Abt Andreas Traditionstrunk" or something silly like that.
The Hösl Bock isnt that bad, called Süffikus...
Hösl, the brewery with the silly beer names(they have a weissbier called weissbier resi, how awesome is that, and it even tastes good)