Sunday, 24 February 2013

What should we get.....

to do di brews?

Me and Andrew. We're going to homebrew.

Watching me throw in a few hops out at Westport with Dann has caught his attention. As long as no scary ladder climbs are included.

If I want to brew 15-25 litres, what equipment should I get? I'm thinking mash tun, kettle, 2-3 fermenters. I definitely want a separate mash tun and kettle to be able to parti-gyle.

This sort of thing, but on a bit smaller scale:

Be grateful for any advice.


Anonymous said...

where the dutch home brewers hang out, For everything you ever wanted to know about brewing ;)

Ed said...

I like the look of things like this:

but try asking on Jim's.

Aaron Bennett said...

Well first things first if you're gonna homebrew you'll need to decide what style you want to make, and for that you'll need a copy of the BJCP style guidelines.

Anonymous said...

A bit costly Speidel Braumeister does the trick, with it you can have very elaborate mash schedules too.


Oblivious said...

If your looking for and advice or help is there to assist you

If you want to leap string to doing full mash brewing. I would go with electric system, as it will allowed you to brew in doors and out.

Here is an example of a system to get you started

pdtnc said...

You could always make your own :)

Barm said...

I imagine you’ll want to be able to underlet, which makes things rather more complicated than most homebrewing.

Piet_V said...

where the flemish home brewers hang out,

Or you could vist, the homebrewing store for the Low Counties.

Anonymous said...

Ron --

Great hobby; glad you're giving it a whirl.

My first advice is always to get the bible of brewing: How to Brew, by John Palmer, the print edition. It is a wonderful resource.

You can start simple with the brew-in-a bag method, and make (or buy) a mash tun later for partigyles and such.

Go large on the kettle. Big is good.

--John S

Ron Pattinson said...

I should point out that I'm not a complete novice.

I've got the equipment to brew in a bag. I'm just after getting something a bit more professional.

Ron Pattinson said...

Aaron, great piece of irony there.

The BJCP guidelines are, of course, scorched into my brain. It literally burns every time I look at them. Inconvenient, but true.

Andrew said... If you want professional at a homebrew scale. Many US craft brewers use their "brew sculptures" as pilot systems. Three variations available. All include hot liquour tank, mash/lauter tun, and boil kettle.

Quite a waste of money if you ask me. I use one burner and a single mash/lauter/boil tun. I can do decoctions, parti-gyles, multi-rest mashes quite easily. Just need a second vessel as a holding tank as the situation requires.

Forget about the brewhouse though. Terribly over romanticized. Its very easy to make nice wort. Its all about the yeast. The finest wort ever made will make shit beer under poor fermentation conditions.