Sunday, 10 February 2013

Help Chris finish his film

Chris Bowen needs just a few thousand dollars to finish his Arctic Alchemy film. About him riding to the arctic circler and brewing up a beer and much more.

I know I'd like to see the project completed. Especially after Chris invited me to try an extremely rare Allsopp's Arctic Ale from the 1870's.

Go on. Give him your support.

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Arctic Alchemy said...


Thank you for your support, you have provided many items of research and inspiration along my journey into beer history. I read your blog almost everyday, and it's usually my first start to the day. Not many know, but I have been hanging around here since you started, and have brewed nearly all the "Let's Brew" recipes and some several times. Cheers to your great work and the input and comments of your blog and it's members.
See you in Boston next week !