Friday, 8 February 2013

Come and see me in Boston

I'll be in Boston again in just over a week. Should you wish to come and touch the hem of my gown or (I'd prefer this) buy one of my books, this is your chance.

The event is on Tuesday 19th February, 19:00 at:

4 Cambridge Center,

For those with a thirst, there will be beers from the Pretty Things Once Upon a Time series on tap. That's the bit I'm looking forward to. I've not had the Tetley's IPA they brewed last autumn yet.


dana said...

Excellent! Maybe I'll finally buy a book. I'm so cheap, you know.
Are you consulting on other brewing projects?

Ron Pattinson said...


I'm always working on lots of differnet projects.

Lady Luck Brewing said...

We all should be glad that event isn't today. The weather predictions are calling for 2-3 ft of snow today.

Rob said...

A little snow flurry isnt enough to stop important stuff. Like beer.