Thursday, 9 June 2011

What every beer library needs . . .

is at least a few of my books. Unless you're happy to rely on folk tales and fairy stories.

please, buy some more books if you buy a book then I can go to the best country in the world USA OF COURSE (DUHHH!) anyway please buy some more books to go and breathe the air of freedom and smell all those flowers grow, and enjoy the fresh climate 

thank you (bless you), Alexei 

"Great stuff Lexie. Should fill our America coffers in no time."

His words may be cheery, but his picture tells a different story. A darker, sadder one. I'd show you his other, slightly more disturbing drawings. If I didn't feel responsible, in some little way, for their impact. No more slashed wrists on my conscience.

Make a sad, troubled boy happy: buy my books.

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Beerspitnight said...

Sorted (for a friend)
Now, if my wife doesn't order a copy for me, my friend will become unsorted.
Merry Christmas