Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pretty Things EIP launch

I don't know why I didn't post this before. Old age and those thingies,What do you call them? Brain cells, that's it.

I wasn't at this event, myself. I went to the New York City launch. Perhaps, it's just as well I missed this one.

Lovely beer, Pretty Things East India Porter. I've got four bottles of the stuff. Four cases I'd like.


Gary Gillman said...

What did he mean by "wunderbar" not being in use, I couldn't understand that. Did he mean the expression is not used in German any longer?


Anonymous said...

Question: How can you have only 65 IBu (if I heard right) with 4.5 pounds per barrel of hops? Its way higher than that, no? Also, was this served fresh or aged? Was there an "hot-maturation" process? Wish I could taste this beer.

Martyn Cornell said...

What a pity you weren't there, Ron, you could have had a good long chat mit Herr Dornbusch about German beer styles.

StuartP said...

Nice to see that your mate Horst made it to the gig.
Is it really him?
I had imagined someone much younger.

Matt said...

"Perhaps, it's just as well I missed this one."

What, and the chance to chat to beer expert Horst Dornbusch about the history of porter? :-)