Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Johann Eichmeier - despot of the Hirschgarten

It seems that I'm not the only one who has been threatened by the boss of the Hirschgarten. This is a report of a woman who went there with her children:

"For 14 years I've been going to the Hirschgarten - now never again.

Today I was outside with my family on the terrace of the restaurant. The children ordered chips, I got a cup of coffee (1.80 Euro). I emphatically twice ordered a CUP. He brings the order - a big mug! I say "Wow, that's a cup?" The waiter says "Yes". The mug must be like a  bucket, I think. Whatever.

The chips must have been at least twice in fat (very brown), but still pretty cold. The children were hungry and did not complain. When the bill but for a mug of coffee came (3.50 Euro) I went inside and I complained (politely). And by chance to the boss Johann Eichmeier. The waiter admitted that it was his mistake. Johann Eichmeier saw things differently, and barred me from the premises. I should be "ashamed" for my behaviour! To my question "Why? it was your waiter's mistake" I got no answer. I, stupidly, then paid the money for the mug, plus tip, I was afraid that such a despot would report me for theft. Doesn't look so good in front of the children, even though I was in the right.

When I told the children that I had been banned and can probably never come back here, they broke out in tears. I could not explain how something like that could happen. So learn children to obey people with property. Bitter!

Here at at dooyoo you can see that the more recent the report, the worse the score. So it is."

Great customer service.

This is a photo of the man, so you know who to stay away from:

If you still want to go to the Hirschgarten, don't say that you haven't been warned.


Mike said...

Ironically, this clown chased us out because he claimed we had violated his privacy rights. This is ironic because he leases the property, which is in a public park.

Also ironic because he demanded to see Ron's identity documentation, but didn't provide any of his own.

He also doesn't seem to always mind these "violations" as the picture of him on the Flickr site proves.

It seems he just has to insert his authority periodically. Otherwise, he just feels like the petty twat he normally is.

Anonymous said...

Do I detect a faint hint of criticism regarding this gentleman?

Ron Pattinson said...

Marquis, maybe the faintest of hints.

beer guru, jr. said...

this guy sounds like he's out of an episode of the german version of the 90's american TV comedy, 'seinfeld'. instead of "the soup nazi", we have "der bier nazi". lol.

beertruck said...

I'm not staying away from that guy... I'm staying away from that place!...

Tandleman said...

Maybe I'd better stay away. I don't do biting my tongue very well and certainly don't do much of turning the other cheek.

Anyway I wouldn't want a twat like that to get my dosh.

Rod said...

A quick cursory search of the internet (less than 5 minutes) found plenty of comments like this -

"No, the staff there get aggressive even if you complain straight away! The boss is a ratbag and it gets reflected in the staff. Hirschgarten Pros: Pleasant location. Open even in risky weather. Cons: Short measures. No play area. Smelly Deer."

Is this idiot actually the owner, do we know? I have a good mind to alert them to this problem, but if he's the boss and he's the problem, of course it won't get us anywhere...
Safest to just stay away - Munich's not short of watering holes, after all.

Anonymous said...

"he demanded to see Ron's identity documentation...."

Now, I'm sure. Before I was just guessing.
This bloke HAS got mental health issues.

Mark Andersen said...

If these people don't want folks using their cameras at the biergarten then fine. But at least having the common decency to put up a sign or two and/or at least give the patrons a polite warning to stop before flipping out and chasing them out of the place.

Too bad as otherwise it is such a nice place to drink Augustiner.

Alistair Reece said...

my dad once got removed from a crazy golf course in Cologne for not taking it seriously enough!

Mike said...

Rod, no, he's not the owner. He's leasing it from Augustiner (where he used to work), who leases it from a foundation.

The strange thing is the place got very good reviews until late 2008, after which it got only negative reviews. But, this jerk has been running it since 1991.

Craig said...

Identity documentation? That sounds conspicuously like asking for "Papers, please"