Thursday, 9 June 2011

It was George

Feedback. That's the real power of blogging. I didn't realise that before I started. Feedback from readers has solved many puzzles, answered my questions, filled out the background. My writing wouldn't be the same without it.

If you can remember back more than 12 months (I struggle to), you may recall a couple of posts about British beer in Belgium. More specifically the discussion of who exactly brewed Gordon's Scotch Ale and Gordon Xmas. The Whitbread Gravity book said George Younger of Alloa. But no-one could remember anyone but William Younger of Edinburgh having brewed them.

Was the Gravity Book wrong? Had someone confused the two breweries and entered the beers under the wrong one?

Thanks to Dyranian I now know the answer. He provided labels that prove George Younger did indeed once brew these beers.

Over at I might have a glass of beer more details have been uncovered. Though the story isn't yet complete. I won't repeat what Barm says. Go and read it for yourself.

Thank you for your feedback. It's very much appreciated. For the work that it saves me.


dyranian said...

While on the subject(again). I have always believed that Douglas Scotch ale sold by John Martin in the French market was re-badged Gordon. But did Douglas ever exist as a separate beer or like Gordon is it a John Martin imagination.

Barm said...

I have always understood it to be exactly the same beer, but have no evidence one way or the other.