Sunday, 1 November 2015

Who was branding their beers in 1954? (part two)

Time to continue my beating of this particular percussive instrument: beer branding in the 1950’s.

I’m seeing some patterns in this data. OK, it may be a little skewed by not being an inclusive list. It seems to have a bias towards the bigger, better-known breweries. But those that ended up as the kernel of the Big Six seem to have been keener on branding than their less expansionist colleagues.

Barclay Perkins were in the game early. Most of these brads were already around before WW II:

Barclay Perkins branded beers in 1954
Brewery Beer Type
Barclay Perkins Festival Ale Very Strong
Barclay Perkins Russian Stout Very strong
Barclay Perkins Southwark Ale Brown Ale
Barclay Perkins Victory Formerly Milk Stout
Barclay Perkins Winter Brew Strong Ale
Barclay Perkins Golden Hop Strong Light
Brewery Manual 1953-1954, pages 382 - 394.

Amazingly one – Russian Stout – has survived, albeit with a 20-year gap at the end of the 20th and start of the 21st centuries.

Here are some more from one of the other key elements of the Courage group:

Simonds branded beers in 1954
Brewery Beer Type
H. & G. Simonds Archangel Stout
H. & G. Simonds Berry Brown Ale
H. & G. Simonds Bulldog Pale Ale
H. & G. Simonds Golden Dry Pale Ale
H. & G. Simonds Heavy Mild
H. & G. Simonds London Heavy Mild
H. & G. Simonds Old Berkshire Strong Ale
H. & G. Simonds Reading Pale Ale Bitter
H. & G. Simonds SOS Winter Brew
H. & G. Simonds Tavern Pale Ale
H. & G. Simonds Velvet Stout
Brewery Manual 1953-1954, pages 382 - 394.

A couple of those might still be knocking about. I think Bulldog is still brewed for export. And Tavern is probably living a zombie existence, brewed god knows where for a few ageing fans. Simonds were also early branders. Their Hop Leaf Pale Ale I believe was introduced in the 19th century. Now that is definitely still around, brewed by Farsons in Malta.

Judging by the length of the list, the whole of Simonds bottled range must have been branded. In its day, Berry Brown Ale was well known and was brewed in several of Simonds breweries.

Lots more of this, obviously. Saves me having to write too many words.

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