Monday, 30 November 2015

Random Dutch beers (part three)

More of this stodge. You'll have noticed I'm no Beer Nut.

Don't expect any particular logic to the selection of beers. It's just whatever caught my eye at Ton Overmars. I attempt a bit of variety. Tempting as it is to just get a crate of Abt and a half crate of Prior every Saturday.

Christoffel Nobel 8.7% ABV
Dry-hopped strong pale beer., it's described as. It's a slightly hazy gold. Looks quite pretty, especoially with the foamy, almost Duvel-like head. Ever had a strong Dutch Lager? Bavaria 8.6, Grolsch Het Canon, that sort of thing? It's similar to those, but bitterer. Has the same underlying malty warmth. I could imagine necking a can or two of this on the top deck on an NS train on the way to Bodegraven. Three cans more like. It takes the best part of an hour. Even better than Gordon's Platinum. And that's journey-shortener supreme.

"Like some of the beers from Butcher's Tears. The ones I don't like." Dolores comments in her usual, brutally-honest way. She does really like some of their beers. Green Cap, in particular.

Next - a beer from Butcher's Tears.

La Condition Humaine IV Forgotten in Space 6% ABV
Erik likes odd names. Not sure what the name means. I've read the book. In French. (During my long only reading French period. That left me better read in French literature than English.) Can't remember bugger all about it, other than it's set in 1920's China. Not sure what relevance that has. It's golden, a bit hazy - I did buy it just 45 minutes ago at Ton Overmars.* Smells sort of fruity. In a good way. Yeah. Gently punches some spot. Wish I'd poured it a bit clearer.

Another Butcher's Tears beer:

The Last possession 5% ABV
Darker, this one. Just about amber in colour. Smells a bit spicy. Damn that's bitter. Really bitter. No. Don't really like this one.

"Andrew, try this."

"What is it?"

"A beer from Butcher's Tears."

He takes a sip.

"It's OK. Similar to what I've tasted before from those kinds of breweries."

Praise indeed.

* "You're paying for his retirement." Dolores always says.


rod said...

Ron -

Going to Bodegraven = De Molen? (Just a hunch)
Is pre-loading with a 8.7% beer wise, given the average strength of their beers?
Just wondering.......

See you on Thursday?

Ron Pattinson said...


it's a reference to a train journey to the Borefts beer festival a few years ago. Where I had a couple of cans of something cheap and nasty on the way down.