Thursday, 5 November 2015

Bokbier 2015

A cheaty post. Just a few pretty label images to distract you.

Not being a fan of Bavaria's beer, I have to admit that I bought their Bok purely for the retro label. It wasn't anything like as bad as I'd feared.

SNAB Ijsbok was, as always, very tasty. Amstel Bok remains amzingly good value. Christoffel was disappointigly thin and sugary. While Ij has returned to that weird clery and dust combination. Tastes like something went badly wrong with the fermentation.

This is fun. And quick. And easy. Think I'll do another.


A Brew Rat said...

You should start researching Dutch bokbier and post us some recipes on Wednesday. My google searches come up with nothing.

Ron Pattinson said...

Brew Rat,

are you not paying attention? There have been two recently:

Really liked the version of the Heineken Bok Coronado in San Diego brewed. Eerily like today's Amstel Bok.

A Brew Rat said...

Thanks. The Heineken Bok is in the que.

mirogster said...

Brew Rat, check under Bokbier.

Just throw lots of crystal, mash high and all should be according to 'style'.