Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Ales through the Ages

One of my best beery experiences of 2014 was brewing a Porter the 18th-century way in Colonial Williamsburg.

Through the brew day I got to know Frank Clark, whose in charge of food at Colonial Williamsburg. But who has great interest in beer. Which is why he came up with the idea of a historic beer conference, Ales through the Ages.

The conference takes place 18-20th March 2016 and has a stellar lineup of speakers, including Martyn Cornell, Stan Hieronymus, John Mallett, Randy Mosher, Andrea Stanley and Mitch Steele. And me, obviously.

It looks like being a whole lot of fun.

Ales through the Ages
March 18-20th 2016
Colonial Williamsburg


Magnus Bark said...

Ooooh! Dream event!

Michael+ said...

This looks brilliant! Though just before Holy Week .... *sigh*. Priestly duties strike out my second attempt to hear you speak. Third will be the charm!