Saturday, 28 November 2015

Random Dutch beers (part two)

More beers I just happen to have drunk recently. Not sure what interest any of this crap is to you. Or me, fo that matter.

Zwarte Piet Bitterzoet 5.5% ABV
Here's a controversial beer, as the label should tell you. Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) is Sinter Klaas's helper. But, unfortunately for modern sensibilites, he's portrayed by someone white blacked up a la Black & White Minstrels. There's nothing on the label to say where or by whom it was brewed. Probably just as well. It tastes like watered-down Bok (it's 5.5% ABV). With added sweetener. Very metallic. Weird vegetable aroma. Not at all nice. Soon it will be making acquaintance with my sink. Then I'll give my Chimay glass a good rinse and pour myself a well-deserved Abt.

Sinterklaas Bier 7.5% ABV
Rather less contentious, this one. A nice spicy aroma.

"What are you smelling, Dad?"
"Try it, Lexie."
"It's like pepernoten*."
"I guess that's the idea."
 "You know that he's Turkish, Dad, Sinter Klaas?"

Bit thin, but OK. Wonder who brewed it?

Hertog Jan Grand Prestige 10% ABV
Used to be the strongest beer brewed in Holland. And something special. But Dutch beer has moved on. Will the years have been kind to this grand old lady? Smells nice and strong. Rum-soaked raisins or some such bollocks. Sweet, bit spicy, some bitterness, liquorice. OK. Just banged out more of the carbonation and it's much better. Rich and bittersweet.

"Try this Dolores"
"It looks like one of those horrible dark beers."
Drinks tentatively, nose withdrawn, face tensed. Then suddenly relaxes.
"A bit watery."
"Watery, Ronald."
"It's 10% ABV."
"Tastes watery to me."

* A sort of spiced small biscuit the Dutch eat for Sinterklaas.

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BryanB said...

The legendary Sinter Klaas (St Nicholas) was from part of what's now Turkey, but would definitely NOT have been Turkish! He was a Greek, from Greek Anatolia - the Turks didn't conquer that part of Asia Minor until the 11th century.