Monday, 16 November 2015

Bokbier 2015 (part three)

More randomish Bokiness.

Heineken Tarwebok 6.5% ABV
Not much of an aroma. Very sweet. Like a toffee apple with triple toffee.

Dolores: 'That's really sweet . . . and very thin at the end."

Grolsch Herst Bok 6.6% ABV
Sweet in a reallly dull way. "sweetened with sugar" it says on the label. I can believe it, the way two sips have got my teeth aching.

Dolores: "Mmm . . . that's quite nice." I let her finish it.

De Vriendschap Hopbock 6.6% ABV
This is from an outfit in the new wave of Dutch brewing. Smells like a mix of Caramel and grapefruit. Tastes much the same. But it finishes really bitter. More bitter to me than the 41 EBU's the Bokbierfestival programme proclaims. IPA Bok, really. Quite pale, too.

"Uugh. I don't like that one. Bitter."

Cost €2.45 for 33 cl. About €2 euros more than 7% ABV Amstel Bok (for 30 cl.) Which is a really good Bok as well as being dirt cheap.

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