Saturday, 2 October 2010

I'm an idiot

Remember that brewing journal I picked up a couple of weeks ago? The one from the Medway. I've just realised which brewery it is.

At the time the journal was used (1869 and 1870), the name of the company was the Medway Brewery. Later it was known as Style & Co. In 1899, after merging with Winch & Sons of Chatham, it became Style & Winch.

The same Style & Winch that Barclay Perkins bought in 1929. It operated as their subsidiary for more than 40 years.

If I'd known that, I'd have been even keener to buy it. Just for the Barclay Perkins connection. I feel an idiot for not having noticed until now.

I've been harvesting the first details from the journal. Details will follow soon.


Ed said...

obvious when you think about it. ;-)

MicMac said...

We all new, we've been sniggering about it for ages, just waiting for you to realise :~p

Paul Bailey said...

I vaguely remember the old Style & Winch (Medway) Brewery in Maidstone. This was in the early 1970's. I don't believe it was still brewing by then, but bottling of Courage beers took place there, and it was also used as a distribution depot.

The impressive old brewey buildings were pulled down a few years later, to make way for a new road system, and bridge over the Medway.

rabbi lionheart said...

All I know is that Kentish farmer in the pic looks like an early splicing job, i.e., whatever you would call "Photoshopping" back then. Seriously, look at his face. And kinda creepy, too.