Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Barclay Perkins 1936 BS, OMS, TT log

One of my posts for technical reasons. No need to linger.

Document ACC/2305/1/621 in the Courage Archive held at the London Metropolitan Archives.


Gary Gillman said...

Sorry, Booth:


Craig said...

Gary noticed the salt addition in your photo of the log and brought that up to Alan on his blog. We're back to trying to figure out why that mass ammount of table salt in Albany Ale was needed. Why didn't they just stick with the good, old, fecal contaminated water they used before the 1835 NYS Senate hearing. I know where that came from!

Oblivious said...

Interesting to see roasted barely been used and it a fairly high percentage 10.7%

Gary Gillman said...

Ron, an earlier comment of mine got omitted somehow, I was noting that Booth was advising a heavy addition of salt as compared to the 1930's BP practice of 3 oz per barrel. I said "sorry" because I omitted to include the link in my first message.

I also noted that the term TT clearly had endured into the 1930's, yet presumably without the writers being aware of what it stood for.


Gary Gillman said...

I should add, I was not referring to salt of steel(iron sulphate, used as a heading in some recipes). See page 62 for the discussion on addition of common salt. Booth advises to add about three times what BP were doing in the 1930's, and he suggests that country estate (gentleman) brewers were adding double that (a pound per barrel)!