Monday, 25 August 2008

Suggestions, please

Andrew is twelve years old. His scope for earning money is limited. One way is through creating pdf versions of my pub guides. I like to think of it as a crash course for him in e-commerce.

But I don't want him wasting his time. Hence this post. Which of the pub guides on my website would you most like to see published in pdf format?

And before you make one of your childish little posts again, anonymous (I should mention cowardly, too, as you daren't even reveal who you are), I don't count a link to an unreliable website as a valid suggestion.


Mark Andersen said...


Laurent Mousson said...

My tuppence on those would be that the real advantage in having those in .pdf as opposed to the current html pages would be to have a more compact, handy format, which may mean smaller type size, and setting text in two columns to keep line length to a reasonable average (60-65 signs/line is considered most legible).
You would then have concrete added value to the .pdf and have a product that's easier to sell. All in my humble opinion, of course. ;o)

Steve said...

I was going to mail you and say what an excellent idea it is doing a paper version of the guide (I'd been going to try and update my palm version, but seeing the links from the Amsterdam guide, decided to buy one instead)