Friday, 1 August 2008


Today has had its moments. Berlinisaplacewithdepthsandbreadthsandheights.

I`m not being all avant garde. That`s how things come out on this crappy hostel keyboard. The space bar is bollocks. Experiments are all very well. but punctuation and spaces between words were invented for a reason. Me. And those milliards of others who can`t make sense out of free flow text.

Internet cafes are great. You can keep in touch while fu ked off. (Sorry about the near square word.The C is malfunctioning. ) That's how I discovered my job has fallen into the great bit bucket of life. Probably.

Thanks internet. I could have lived in delightful, ignorant bliss for two more days.

I haven`t forgotten my beer theme. I had Döllnitzer Rittergutsgose today. Who caresabout a fucking job?

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