Sunday, 11 May 2008

How's my Porter and Stout going?

Down my throat really nicely. And quickly. The unseasonally warm weather in Amsterdam and my lack of cold, hard cash have contributed to the diminution of my stash.

Call me weird, but a strong Stout is my favourite warm-weather drink. The only beer I ever put in the fridge is Guinness Special Export. Nothing's better when getting home from work hot and sticky than a couple of cool Guiness's. My 1914 SSS is a more than adequate substitute.

Now they've conditioned properly both the Porter and SSS are a real drinking pleasure. Possibly too much of a pleasure. I'm rapidly drinking my way through the 60 bottles I got of each. What will I do when they're all gone? Well I've been thinking of that.

You'll be pleased to hear that I'm currently thrashing out the details with Menno of my next brewing project: 1856 and 1937 Barclay Perkins IBSt. Working out the right level of hopping is proving tricky. I'm glad I have him to advise me. Unlike me, he knows what he's doing. If we get a move on, they may be ready before I empty the last bottle of the Whitbread beers. Possibly.

Oh, I moticed that Bierkoning still has a few bottles of 1914 Porter. I doubt they'll be there long.


Anonymous said...

I was in Bierkoning last Wednesday and there were none. A new shipment perhaps? And let's not forget where a bottle of your stout is going!

Ron Pattinson said...

where is that exactly?

Anonymous said...

The same place your two bottles of van Vollenhoeven Stout came from.

Anonymous said...

I would have known that photo was of a house in The Netherlands, guaranteed- I've lived there. It's great to hear a voice from over there, I love Amsterdam and The Netherlands more generally. I lived in Nijmegen; we had a little bierspeciaalzaak, (not as badass as de bierkoening, obviously), and Stadsbrouwerij De Hemel, and I made may forays into Belgium.

It's American/Canadian beer life for me now, though. Cheers!