Thursday, 22 May 2008

Both sides of the argument

I've been so impressed with the standard of debate on RateBeer that I want to try and emulate it here on the blog. That's why I've started a new poll.

What's the poll about? Good question. It's about letting all sides of the argument be heard on the topic of the day: are German top-fermenting beers Ales?

These are the possible answers and what they mean:

  • - No. German top-fermenting beers should not be called Ales.
  • - Never. German top-fermenting beers should never be called Ales.
  • - F*cking no way. German top-fermenting beers should f*cking no way ever be called Ales.
  • - It's inaccurate and misleading. German top-fermenting beers should not never be called Ales because it's inaccurate and misleading to do so.
  • - I didn't bother listening your question. You're an idiot.
  • - I once spoke to a German brewer. You're an idiot.
  • - Top-fermenting yeast is called saccharomyces cervesia. You're an idiot.
  • - I'm a homebrewer. You're an idiot.
  • - I've read Eric Warner. You're an idiot.
I think that just about covers all the possibilities. Vote now!


Andy Holmes said...

Interesting Ron, people are actually voting on this, some even claiming to be idiots! I guess that proves your point about not reading things. It would be interesting to know who voted for what, wouldn't it?

Mr. Colby said...

Context matters.

Ron Pattinson said...

Andy, I'm quite shocked at the number of votes for the idiot options. I'm still trying to work out exactly what that means.

Lew Bryson said...

Eric Warner has quit as CEO of Flying Dog Brewing. I suspect it's so he can take the time to learn more about kölsch, eh?