Wednesday 23 August 2023

Let's Brew Wednesday - 1899 Barclay Perkins Brown Stout

I have almost no Barclay Perkins Stout records from this period, as explained in an earlier recipe. What doesn’t help is that some of the photos are crap, too.

Like for this beer. I took the photo on one of my earliest archive visits when I didn’t have a very good camera. Leaving the records pretty difficult to decipher. I think I’ve got it about right. Though I could be the odd bushel out in the coloured malts.

The grist is surprisingly similar to in 1887. All the individual elements are the same. And in not too dissimilar quantities, other than crystal malt, of which there’s a lot more.

While over at the mash tun things have most definitely changed. There are still three mashes, but one is an underlet. And there isn’t just one sparge, but two. All in all, very different from the 1887 scheme.

Mash number barrels strike heat tap heat
mash 1 64 150º F  
underlet 2 166º F 144º F
mash 2 50 164º F 150º F
sparge 1 30 170º F 153º F
sparge 2 39 160º F 153º F

More hops than last time. Two different types of East Kent, both from the 1897 crop.

No more than a few weeks in trade casks to condition. 

1899 Barclay Perkins Brown Stout
pale malt 9.00 lb 56.25%
brown malt 1.50 lb 9.38%
black malt 1.00 lb 6.25%
crystal malt 60L 1.50 lb 9.38%
No. 3 invert sugar 3.00 lb 18.75%
Goldings 150 min 2.00 oz
Goldings 60 min 2.00 oz
Goldings 30 min 2.00 oz
Goldings dry hops 0.50 oz
OG 1076
FG 1022
ABV 7.14
Apparent attenuation 71.05%
IBU 69
SRM 43
Mash at 150º F
Sparge at 170º F
Boil time 150 minutes
pitching temp 61º F
Yeast Wyeast 1099 Whitbread Ale

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No amber malt? From BP? Preposterous!