Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Here we go again

Every Saturday me and Andrew walk down to Butcher's Tears for a few beers. Meeting up with my mates Will and Lucas.

We used to get down there between 15:30 and 16:00. But since they started closing pubs at 17:00 a few weeks ago we've started going earlier. What's the point in going to a pub for just an hour?

The plan was different this week. As Lucas had to work on Saturday, we arranged to meet on Sunday instead. Which was also the last time they were going to be open until the New Year. I'd have to reschedule our Sunday Dinner to be a bit earlier to get to the pub on time.

When 14:00 rolled around on Saturday, I weirdly fancied a pint.

"Do you want to go sown the pub, Andrew?"


He's never one to turn down a beer. Especially when I'm paying. Which is always when we go out together.


There were only a few other punters when we got there. It filled up a bit, later, but wasn't packed.

Since the hours have been restricted they've had a more limited range of draught beers. Just three or four instead of seven of eight. There was a new one, though. Something simply called Blond. Barman Hubert explained what it was.

"It was supposed to be a Pilsener. But something went wrong in Belgium [where some of their beers are brewed]. I think they used the wrong yeast."

That's what it tasted like. It had the spicy flavours associated with some Belgian yeasts.

"It tastes a bit like Leffe Blond." I told Andrew when he let me take a sip. "But better."

Andrew seemed pretty pleased with it. At least, he ordered a second pint.

"See you tomorrow, Hubert." I said after settling our bill.

"I don't think so."

"Why? Won't you be working?"

"They're closing the pubs again from tomorrow."


"Just as well we came down today, Andrew."

Who knows when the pubs will be open again. What will I do on Saturday afternoons?

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Anonymous said...

After all you've written about collapsing gravities during wartime, I consider myself fortunate in comparison.