Friday 24 December 2021

Get ready now for Drinkalongathon 2021

Sorry I'm a bit late with the list this year. I would come up with some lame excuse about being busy. But I haven't. 

Mostly doing stuff like discussing with Alexei how long it would take to walk to Gibraltar. And the best route to take. I'd go for one along the coast rather than the more direct route over the Pyrenees. Far too much climbing in the latter one. Up to 500 hours. That's how long it would take according to Google maps. The exact number depending on the route.

But I digress. Time for the list of items required for tomorrow's Drinkalongathon. You've still got a couple of hours to get them

1 bottle of Islay whisky
1 crate of St. Bernardus Abt
1 bottle Fino sherry
2 bottles of port
2 bottles of some sort of red wine
2 bottles of some sort of fizzy wine
6 hard boiled eggs
another crate of St. Bernardus Abt
3 soft boiled eggs
1 box of matches (extra long)
3 candles (not scented or coloured or any shit like that, just plain fucking white one.)
1 bottle of reserve Islay whisky (Lagavullin, if you can afford it. Bowmore is the only one I can afford. And not even a full litre, just a measly 70 cl.)
9 pieces of string
2 crates of alcohol-free beer*
1 bag of mixed nuts (with all the peanuts taken out and destroyed by fire.)
7 under-boiled runny eggs
1 protractor
2 light bulbs
4 raw eggs
3 heavy bulbs
1 bottle of gin.(I prefer the cheapo litre bottles Lidl in Germany sells for 8 euros a pop.)
1 crate alcoholic tonic water (If such a thing exists.)
1 final bottle of Islay whisky (just to be on the safe side)

A shirt list this year to reflect our plague-ridden times. I would have included 1 bottle of bourbon but Andrew polished off my value German Lidl bourbon. The twat.

* This is obviously a joke. Of course no drink substitutes are required,


hawthorne00 said...

"3 heavy bulbs"

Are these nangs? A throwback to Australian times, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

If I buy an extra bottle of sherry and pour it into the non alcoholic beer, is that OK?

If I have ten pieces of string, should I tie it to one of the others to make nine, or shhoild I put it with the peanuts?

I have a jar of fish eggs but all my attempts to boil them have been a problem. They just don't come out runny.Maybe I'll try a chocolate egg left over from Easter.

Looking forward to more instructions. Merry Crimbo.

Raoul Duke said...

Merry Christmas Ron,
already looking forward to the christmas drinkalong tomorrow - absolute classic..and I am well prepared..!!
just a quick one - is there a chance you're publishing the annual Yule logs this year..??

Cheers Peter

Ron Pattinson said...

Raoul Duke,

no Yule logs this year, I'm afraid.

Ron Pattinson said...

Raoul Duke,

no Yule logs this year, I'm afraid.