Thursday, 8 September 2016

What I drank in Berlin (part two)

I realise now just how many different beers I got through in my hotel room. No idea, really, what beers I drank at the festival itslef. Too busy having fun to waste time doing any of that note-taking crap.

These pretty wll all came from one Getränkemarkt just around the corner from the hotel. Dead impressive selection. Lots of stuff from the former DDR and Bavaria. As you'll see.

Right. That's your word ration for today.


The Beer Nut said...

Alkohol Frei? U OK HUN?

Phil said...

I do like a Köstritzer Schwarzbier. There's a bar near where I work that has it in the fridge - I can show you next time you're in Manchester.

I had very mixed results from Störtebeker (who are in Stralsund, echt DDR). I had that 'amber Weizen' & found it fine, but their Hanse Porter was awful, like drinking malt extract. What were you doing drinking the alkoholfrei Weizen, anyway?

Words please!

Ron Pattinson said...

Beer Nut,

the shop was about to close and Dolores quickly grabbed some wheat beer. Only later did she notice it was alcohol free. I didn't drink it.

Anonymous said...

Stortebeker is basically the old Stralsund brewery, but it is trying to make good quality beers with a bit more thought to hop variety and so on. Their porter is wierd but the others are generally good. They do not do the full craft beer thing but rather a German conservative version.