Thursday, 15 September 2016

Wet hops at Goose Island

I spent Monday at Goose Island helping, well, watching , really, a wet hop beer brewed.

It was lots of fun. Then again, hanging around in a brewery is always fun. But they're a good bunch the brewers at Goose Island. Making it even more fun. The beer was brewed in their 2-barrel pilot plant. And the 50 pounds of wet Chinooks pretty much filled the pot.

The smell of the hops was just amazing. And they were so sticky when you rubbed them between your hands. Interestingly, they looked really similar to the wild Amsterdam hops Dolores picked last week.

Not many words this time. Just some lovely pictures.

My trip to Chicago was paid for by Goose Island as part of their contractual obligations for our Brewery Yard collaboration beer.


Anonymous said...

What are they brewing?

And are the wild hops going into beer or something else?

Ron Pattinson said...


beer. Sticky Feathers I think the beer is called.