Monday 12 September 2016

Random Dutch beers (part forty-one)

You'll live to regret encouraging to write more of this drivel. The three or four of you who said they liked these sketches, that is.

It's Sunday again. It's been another busy weekend. Yesrerday I scanned my magazine entries for the British Guild of Beer Writers awards. This morning I packaged them into pdf files and sent then off. I'll probably end up empty handed again, but I don't enter there's no way I'll win.

I checked out a new pub, Tap Zuid, yesterday with Mikey. It started slightly chaotically with Mikey waiting for me in the wrong pub. All turned out well in the end.

Time for a beer. I really need to drink some beer. No, I really do. Dolores is getting pissed off with the area of living room floor.

"Don't buy any more beer, Ronald." she said when I went to take the empties back to Ton Overmars yesterday. I only got one bag of Abt rather than two. That's none as far as I'm concerned.

First beer of the day is from Kompaan, a highly-respected outfit from Den Haag.

Kompaan India Pale Lager 5.7% ABV
I didn't expct that. It's a deep copper colour. I'd expect a Pale Lager to be, er, paler. Bready aroma, with no trace of hops. Bloody hell that's bitter. Wasn't expecting that from the nose. Not particularly aromatic, more straight-on bitterness. Nothing very Lagery about it that I can tell. Pleasant enough, but a bit too bitter to drink a gallon of. Pretty sure Dolored won't like it.

"Dolores, do you want to try my beer?"


Not much wiggle room there.

It's now Friday. Been a busy week, as ever. Off to Chicago tomorrow. Luckily no work today. Just written a post about Tetley. Time for a beer.

It's one from highly-respected Emelisse.

Emelisse TIPA, 10% ABV
Nice copper colour and a soapy head. Pleasantly malty aroma, not the dominated as I'd expected. So good so far. Quite bitter, not not aromatically hoppy. And with plenty of malty goodness backing it up. Rather nice really. And full of alcoholy goodness. It's a non-lose, non-lose.

"Dolores, do you want to try my beer?"

"Dolores, do you want to try my beer?"

I remember. She's still at work.

"Andrew, do you want to try my beer?"

"Andrew, do you want to try my beer?"

I remember. He's just left to see his mate. You'll just have to make do with my bollocks.

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Lee said...

It feels so good to have your drivel back!