Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Yule Logs!! competition!! still on

There's still a chance to win one of my wordless books in my super-duper christmas competition. 

You've a pretty good chance of nabbing the prize as I have exactly been swamped with entries.

I've noticed a certain reluctance to join in the fun with comments such as "Isn't interp[reting these things your job?" and "How the hell am I supposed to make sense of that scribble?" 

And I thought you were a game bunch.

You don't have to do anything very complicated. Just pluck the relevant details from the Whitbread brewing record below. The entry with the most details wins a copy of the book. But, you have to have a minimum of these details:

ingredients, type and quantity
racking gravity
volume of TS in barrels

Extra points for yield per quarter and gyle volumes and gravities.

Send in your entries via the "get in touch" form at the top left hand corner of this page. Or via the email link you'll find on my website:

It's hard. But that's the point.

Almost forgot the prize: my strange book.

Buy my strange book! Think up your own reason. Do you expect me to do everything for you?