Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Drinkalongathon again

There are some things that defy reason. The popularity of my Drinkalongathon is a great example.

I say popularity. Two readers have said it was OK. That counts as a ringing endorsement by me.

 It'll be back again tomorow. With the usual varying degrees of veracity.

Sadly, my Leffe glass is no more. This year I return to the traditional Chimay glass. . . . . Filled with st. Bernardus.


etripp said...

Consider this endorsement number 3. I only wish I could actually drink along!

Ed said...

My bit of string and egg are ready and waiting!

Alan said...

The children are now being sent to bed with Drinkalongathon best wishes a'dance in their heads!

Gary Gillman said...

"With the usual varying degrees of veracity".

Do you mean each word and presumably, libation, cannot be taken as holy truth? I'm gutted, to use your idiom.

Nonetheless I will participate. The plan is to drink an imperial stout when you do. Perhaps you will drag one of those Canadian ones from the cellar from the cloth bag? Cloth and string go together…