Saturday, 10 August 2013

Summer book offer

The hot weather has got me thinking a lot. Mostly about how to cool down. And what better way to cool down in the heat than a lovely glass of lovely Export Stout.

But not all of you plebs are as sophisticated as what I am. You probably think of something cold, yellow and fizzy when the sun is high and the sweat running in rivers down you back. But what do you really know about Lager? Lager! (UK) will tell you everything about Lager's long and mostly lacklustre history in Britain.

And now you can buy Lager! at a discount of 20%!

The summer is a great time to visit Bavaria, Lager-land central, and try its beery delights on its home turf. But where to find the best of Bavarian beer?

Look no further than Trips! (South), the guide to beer in pubs in Bavaria. Beer gardens, Bier Kellers and Beer Halls, sountry pubs and big city boozers. All the best drinking spots at your finger tips.

And guess what? You can buy Trips! (South) at a discount of 20% for the rest of the summer, too!

Want to learn more about the history of Lager in central Europe? Then let Decoction! educate you. Learn all about historic Lager styles annd the fiddly decoction methods used to brew them. Plus, as an extra special bonus, learn about the lost world of North German top-fermenting styles.

If you only buy one book about central European beer this year, make it Decoction!

You'll never believe this. Decoction is also available for the rest of the summer at a 20% discount!

Yes, it really is the summer of Lager here at SUABP.

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