Saturday, 3 August 2013

Book pushing time

For some reason I was singing that title in my head to the tune of "Drug Stabbing Time". Weird the way the mind works, isn't it?

But, no drugs today, just books. Or rather one book, two formats. The tumulous tome that is "Bitter!" everything about Pale Ale in all it's many varieties. Including IPA ans my particular favourite, AK.

Hang on. I've missed a trick here, haven't I? I should have done this for IPA day, which was just a few days. Too late, as usual. Consider this my oficial IPA Day post.

Where was I? Telling you how superifitastic "Bitter!"is. Tables, recipes, random rambling bubbish from me, and even more tables.

Now I remember. Tables are the reason I'm here. I tidied up the scraggy-looking ones and made them look super neat. And fit the page in portrait form. I can't remember quite how many pages there are, but it's over 600. Every single one packed with facts, fun and no fiction. Apart from the Table of Contents and the Index. They're a bit dry.

Why two versions of the same book? One's paperback, the other hardback. The hardback edition I really created just for myself. But, given the minimal differnce in price, I'd suggest that you go for the hardeback. No more dog-eared cover misery.

You can buy the hardback version here.

And cheapskates can buy the paperback verion here.

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