Friday, 9 August 2013

Barclay Perkins will be in many ways cozy for you

I've just been having a trawl around the web, looking for Barclay Perkins images, and found this at the bottom of my net:

 It was on this site, which seems to be for a pub somewhere in Japan. Japanese being one of the few languages I can't read, I had to run it through Google Translate. Ot hasn't made me that much the wiser:

"Adult space a little bit of calm and cozy antique and beautiful lighting. The sake of browsing cocktails and wine, and fusion cuisine of all handmade with a focus on Italian, including the bourbon.

The unpretentious but reasonable prices and stylish atmosphere. You can enjoy it in peace in between women. Shops hideaway of tsudanuma which is open until midnight.

Berkeley's do wind noisily together. Eating share with (slop), platter food center. Fusion of all home-made, which is based on Italian. I do not use any frozen goods to examine the material.

I have the concept of "food seems everyone is delicious" pizza etc. and crispy spaghetti'll give boiled per order appetizers and seafood system.

Hideaway restaurant and bar you do not want to teach anyone absolutely

Do you know of bridge tsudanuma area that continues to be in the presence of as the "hideaway" for more than 10 years well-established manner, the "Barclay Perkins?" Lighting and furniture table, calm and antique counter containing the seasoned, atmosphere like "BAR of good old America", and that you have created a space to enjoy cooking with wine slowly. The friendly service of the staff, many also those who end up unintentionally overstayed its reasonable be described as "to enjoy feel free to delicious cuisine and wine".

Evaluation of the food is high, the person who comes to diet alone often. I'm glad "pirate style salad" 850 yen popular menu of classic "Guratinate of potatoes" and 600 yen, "pasta Sheng Dai" and 1000 yen, also attention to humans hungry stomach and the large number of people. There is also a side menu of every season, I can enjoy up to 5 o'clock in the morning is such a dish.

Can you also make original cocktails of your choice on the spot type of liquor is abundant. Who come alone are many, I am glad that "flat" after work it's Yoreru. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday, please enjoy the delicious food and wine. Barclay Perkins will be in place in many ways cozy for you."

"Berkeley's do wind noisily together." What could that mean? It sounds like every one sits around farting noisily. I know they get up to odd things in Japan, but that can't be right. And I', not sure I like the sound of that slop sharing platter.

What most intrigues me, though, is why a bar in Japan calls itself "Barclay Perkins & Co." Anyone have any ideas?


bailey said...

Apparently, there's an enormous oil painting of you hanging in the centre of the dining hall.

Pivní Filosof said...

"It sounds like every one sits around farting noisily. I know they get up to odd things in Japan, but that can't be right"

Having worked at for a large Japanese construction company, I have reasons to believe that it might very well be a possibility...

Matt said...

"You can enjoy it in peace in between women."

Does this means they have a boy-girl seating policy or that it's somewhere to go after you get divorced?

Anonymous said...

The bar is in a suburb of Tokyo called Narashino--not too far from Tokyo Disneyland. I bet they just picked the name because it sounded cool. The place is supposed to be decorated with antiques, so maybe they have an old ad or sign of some kind from Barclay Perkins. The funny thing is that the beer menu is really limited. All they have listed is Carlsberg, Corona and Bud. Their claim to fame is a big selection of imported bourbons and the kitchen serves light Italian fare. They do have darts--maybe that's the UK connection?

Ron Pattinson said...

Thanks anon. I'd noticed the shit beer list.

Hope it doesn't scupper my plans for a worldwide chain of Barclay Perkins Edwardian-themed pubs.

Ed said...

I almost cried I laughed so much over that one. I may have to go to Japan now just so I can sit round a communal platter of slop letting rip to my hearts content.