Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Summer book offer reminder

A reminder that, in an homage to the summer, I'm offering my vaguely season-of-the-sun-related books at a discount of 20%*.

"Don't do it." was Andrew's advice. Since becoming my business mansger he's changed.

"But Lager is everyone's idea of a summer drink."

"Everyone but you, dad. You keep drinking that monk stuff however hot it gets."

"I drank loads of Lager this summer."

"Only when you were in Bavaria. You had no choice then."

"You're spoiling the mood."

Back to book plugging.

Buy Lager! at a discount of 20%!

This is where I drank Lager this summer. (Voluntarily, depite what Andrew might have you beleive.) At least the places described inside this book are. Some real crackers.

Like Neder, in Forchheim. God, I love that place. Wonderful beer too. A straightforward Export, served straight from the cask. just like . . . .

Or Spital, in Regensburg. Stonking meatballs lubricated by a drinking Dunkles with a view of the Danube thrown in for free. Matronly waitresses in Dirndls, too. Heaven on earth.

Find out all about these and many more belting boozers in the definitive guide Bavarain beer spots.  By buying Trips! (South) at a discount of 20%!

I'm exhausting my mindless cheerfullness battery. Right, what's this one about? Lot's of things. Decoction mashing, obviously. Probably way too much detail about that. The part about Lager styles over history has more laughs, but a rather sad ending. While the stuff about extinct German top-fermenting styles is like a real downer. I cry when they all die at the end.

Bet you can't wait to read it after that ringing recommendation, eh?.

Well, you're in luck. Decoction is also available for the rest of the summer at a 20% discount!

* This offer lasts until the end of summer. Which is when I say it is. Definitely not before the end of August, obviously. And not as late as December. Somewhere between those two. When I say. (Unless I forget, which has happened before. In which case it might drag on past Christmas.) And limited to the Lulu paperback version of the three books mentioned in this post, namely Lager!, Decoction! and Trips! (South).

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