Thursday, 12 April 2012

George Younger's - the promised maps

I don't renege on my promises. Not usually. Not to my readers. The kids, that's a different matter. I call it preparing them for future disappointments. They'll be the stronger for it.

Maps. I'd thromised* more maps of George Younger's Candleriggs Brewery. And here they are.

I love the internet. Sat on my fat arse, I can suck the world's information down almost as quickly as my St. Bernardus Abt. (Yes, thanks, don't mind if I do.) That and those old-fashioned papery things. Books, I think they used to call them. The one map did come from one of those. The beautiful OS map, on the other hand, is an internet find. If only they'd included Streetview.

First the blurry map of Candlerigg's expansion from 1852 on, rotated to be the normal North at the top orientation (about, could be a degree or two off, I did it by eye):

Now the 1861-62 (perfect date) OS map:

Brilliant. You can identify the individual properties they incorporated into the brewery. I'd overlay the two maps but . . . East Enders is nearly over, chance to watch the TV soon. Plus I'm not totally sure how to do it. Maybe someone with less Luddite tendencies than me could help out.

See how many of these you can spot:

"Much could be written about the former uses of many of the buildings which now make up the Candleriggs Brewery;  the fact that the former premises of a wig-maker, a nursery gardner, a tabernacle, a meeting house, a public street and the Headquarters of the Police and Municipal Authorities are included, give some small idea of the variety of subjects which have been purchased from time to time. "
"A Short History of George Younger & Son Limited, Alloa, (1762 - 1925)", 1925, page 2.

I'm pretty confident about the tabernacle, nursery gardner and the Headquarters of the Police and Municipal Authorities. The wig-maker is anyone's guess.

* a combination of "threatened" and "promised".

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Anonymous said...

Tha dates for the expansion of the Candleriggs brewery clearly show Youngers ambitions to expand.

They leased the premises in 1852 and purchased them outright in 1871.

Robert Meiklejohn who had previously owned them had moved his brewery out to the old Grange distillery about a mile away on the edge of Alloa.

The Candleriggs buildings eventually grew to become the 3rd largest brewery in Scotland, only the Edinburgh "Big Two" of William Younger (no connection) and William McEwan (a family relation) being larger.