Friday, 27 April 2012

Pattison's Oatmeal Nourishing Stout

"I wonder if any Pattison's labels still exist?" I asked myself the other day. The answer is: yes. Despite the brewery only existing for three years.

I have Ike, who sent me these labels, to thank for confirmation. But the labels tell me something else, too. Something that quite surprised me about Robert Deuchar. I think it's pretty obvious when you see the labels:

I'd assumed that Deuchar's only wanted the brewery and that they would brew their own beers there. But clearly they also took on at least one of the Pattison's brands. That they kept the label identical with only the brewery name changed implies that the label was recognised. Quite a surprise given Pattison's short life - just three years - as a brewery.

Oatmeal Stout. That's so 1890's. You have to love the nurse with the bottle of beer in her hand and the red cross. Not sure you'd get away with that now. Probably not the name Nourishing Stout, either.

Talking of Deuchar's, I'll be looking at the takeover of the Duddingston Brewery from their point of view soon.

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Matt said...

I blogged about the supposed benefits of "nourishing stout", in particular for breastfeeding mothers, here. I've still not seen any scientific evidence for the claim.